ITK-exhibition - the contact information

ITK-exhibition by annual ITK-conference (Interactive Technology in Education)

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Exhibition committee
The conference director EdD Jarmo Viteli
  Tuomelankatu 4, FI-13210 Hämeenlinna
  Tel. +358 500 731237

Responsible of the exhibition
   PhD Jorma Saarinen 
   Ortelantie 5 B 22, FI-13210 Hämeenlinna 
   Tel. +358 400 481250 

Primary contact person
PhD Jorma Saarinen
Ortelantie 5 B 22, FI-13210 Hämeenlinna, Finland
Tel. +358 400 481250

The place of exhibition and conference
SPA hotel Scandic Hämeenlinna-Aulanko Finland
Aulangontie 93, Fi-13210 Hämeenlinna, Finland
Tel. +358 300308438

Administration of money transactions
Oy JS-Mandat Ltd
Ortelantie 5 B 22 FI-13210 Hämeenlinna, Finland
VAT ID FI09251877

SPA hotel Scandic Hämeenlinna-Aulanko contact information:
Aulangontie 93, FI-13210 Hämeenlinna, Finland
Tel. +358 300308438

The names of ITK co-workers on the exhibition stand.
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