Prices and cancellation terms

Here's a summary of pricing and cancellation terms:

Pricing Information:

  • Prices for Exhibition Departments and Stands vary based on location and size.
  • Reservations made in advance will receive a written confirmation letter with the reservation fee and exact prices.
  • Specific prices are visible in online store This ensures that exhibitors can easily review the pricing details and make informed decisions when making reservations. The clarity in the information-sharing process helps exhibitors plan and participate in the ITK Conference smoothly.

Payment Process:

  • Payment for the Exhibition Department or Stand will be made by invoice.
  • The reservation fee will be paid at the time of booking.
  • The invoice for the booth price will be issued approximately one month (30 days) before the exhibition starts. 

This payment structure allows exhibitors to plan their budgets effectively and ensures a smooth payment process leading up to the conference. If there are any further inquiries or details needed, exhibitors can contact or call +358 (0)400-481250 for more information.

Cancellation terms

Thank you for providing the cancellation terms for the ITK Conference exhibition reservations. Here's a summary:

  • Reservation Fee: The reservation fee is non-refundable.
  • Cancellation More Than 3 Months Before Exhibition: No additional expenses.
  • Cancellation 2-3 Months Before Exhibition: 25% of the stand price must be paid.
  • Cancellation 1-2 Months Before Exhibition: 50% of the stand price must be paid.
  • Cancellation Less Than 1 Month Before Exhibition: The full stand price must be paid.

These terms provide clarity for exhibitors regarding the cancellation process and associated costs. It's important for exhibitors to be aware of these terms and plan their participation accordingly.