Information for ITK2023 Exhibitors

ITK2023 Exhibition Area
The exhibition area is where the industry businesses, consults and service providers have a chance to meet the conference audience. Many long partnerships and customer relationships have begun from here as the companies have a chance to talk straight to the decision makers or the industry influencers who are attending the conference. This is one of the most compli-mented unique feature of the ITK Exhibition area among companies. Additionally companies can invite their customers to visit their exhibition department, thus several companies have used this opportunity to showcase their new product or feature to their existing customers as well.

Exhibition Area info
Companies can start building their exhibition departments starting from Tuesday afternoon. The whole Exhibition Area will be built and finished before opening hours.

● On Wednesday the Exhibition Area is open from 10.30 am to 5 pm for tutor teachers.
● On Thursday the Exhibition Area opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm.
● On Friday the Exhibition Area opens at 9 am and closes at 2 pm.

Exhibition departments
The departments are bordered with light aluminium walls, unless other arrangements are agreed or the placement of the department requires another solution. 

The exhibition department will come with standard tables, chairs, a sign with the company’s name printed on it, electricity (sockets) and wireless internet will be provided. Pls, order the number of standard tables and chairs on e-commerce even they are free of charge. 

The provided tables are relatively small, around 125/135x45x70 cm. Therefore there is a possibility to book bar tables and chairs with extra price. 

Please reserve all furniture you need the bar stools and tables in advance not later than 10 days before exhibition or by emailing or by phone +358 400 481250.

ITK publication
The names of the attendees and the contact informations will be printed to the Conference magazine and distributed to all the members of the audience. The contact information will also be shown on the website itknä and it will be up there until the next year’s conference.

ternet connection

The Exhibition Area has it’s separate WLAN connection, which is built just for the attendees. Therefore it only works on the Exhibition Area. The password will be given to the attendees in the Exhibition Area on construction day. Exhibition Area WLAN is not made for public use! The public wireless connection is "Scandic Easy". This connection works everywhere in the hotel.  

How Exhibition Area attendees can sign up to the conference.
All the people working on the exhibition department have to sign up as “Exhibitors” and have a name label. Please inform the ITK about the names of your exhibitors at latest 10 days before the exhibition. The name labels will be shared on exhibition booths in the beginning of the exhibition. 

Billing address.
In case you have had changes in your billing address we request you to provide us the new address as soon as possible.

Exhibitors are welcomed to invite guests to attend their exhibition department. We will provide invites if needed.

Something to note:
Please do not leave valuable things to your exhibition department over the night. We will provide security but there is no insure from the organizers side for the equipment.
Warm welcome and successful conference days!

Further information: Jorma Saarinen, tel +358 (0)400481250, email, or ITK conference director: Jarmo Viteli, email: